Bibliometrics: what is it?

Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of scholarly contents, and focuses on providing a clear understanding and visualization of the publications’ performance of a given academic context.

Who are we targeting?

Our services are meant to assist researchers, research teams, research funders, university staff, editors, publishers, science policymakers, and many others.

How are our bibliometric studies designed?

We conduct tailor-made studies by which consider different sources like Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, and many others. We cover the sources, indicators, and years of coverage of your interest.

Our bibliometric reports are made using statistical analysis and powerful packages of software. We follow the best practices to conduct these kinds of studies and we will help you to understand the data, and the bibliometric networks and maps. We also provide you with a list of strategic recommendations to help you make better decisions.

Multilingual reports

We elaborate bibliometrics reports in English and Spanish languages.  

tailor-made reports

We conduct tailor-made studies considering the sources, time coverage, and bibliometric indicators of your interest.  

solutions for journals and publishers

We assist you with data migration and journal configurations tasks.

Our clients